Waterfalls (Jeep Safari)

Waterfalls (Jeep Safari)

Here's a thrilling off road experience through the jungle, on a 4 wheel drive jeep. Head towards the east splashing through the slush, under tropical trees and finally the gushing waters of the Dudhsagar rivulets. The trip begins by bus hardly giving you a hint of the adventure ahead. We get into a jeep at the base of the falls to negotiate the mountain terrain. As we behold the roaring Dudhsagar waterfall, you can bathe in the holding pools, have a beer, take a short walk through the jungle, feed the monkeys and just relax.

Dudh Sagar Waterfalls is the highest fall in Goa and is singular in all its milky splendor, located at the Karnataka-Goa border. The name generally means "ocean of milk" and is so called due to its gushing white surf. The river emanating from this fall is called Mandovi which flows from East to West into the Arabian Sea and has the capital city of Panjim located on its southern bank.

Legend has it that a Princess, who lived beyond the mountain used to bathe at the falls. While bathing she would savour sugared milk, which her maid bought to her in a gold jug. One day a prince stopped by on hearing voices at the fall. At once, the princess poured the milk in the pond to shield her naked body from the glances of the stranger. A miracle seemed to have happened. The waterfall got the milky froth and supposedly got the name, "Dudhsagar", henceforth.

This natural waterfall is located in the interior village of Sanguem district in extreme south Goa on the Karnataka-Goa border. Situated at a comfortable distance of only 60 kms from Panjim city, this waterfall makes for enjoyable day trip. 

On the edge on the high peaks of the Sahyadri Western Ghats, the Dudh Sagar waterfalls offer unrivalled natural beauty and marvelous landscape full of wonderful charms during the monsoon rains from June till October. Best time to visit Dudhsagar waterfalls is after the rains from October till April. Dudhsagar literally means ocean of milk, which from a distance appear like milky streams, gradually fall into a gushing cascade as they come into full view of the tourists. The waterfall at the start appears like streams of milk curving down the mountain which later conclude into glorious cascades after they come in full view of the captivated visitors.

How Dudhsagar Waterfalls got its name? Dudhsagar has a legend associated with it. In ancient times, it seems that there lived a rich king on the top of a mountain in the Western Ghats along the Goan border line. Near this palace, there were abundant gardens flourishing in a vast diversity of flowers, which grew abundantly because they were located to flowing waters towards the waterfall. The meandering river ending in the waterfall touched the fringes of this King's palace. The king's beautiful daughter used to frequently bathe and used to sip sugared milk which one of her maids served to her in a pure gold jug. 

One day, while she was sipping at the milk, and having a full body bath, a prince, who was passing by, stopped on hearing the bathing sounds. Without delay, the princess poured the milk in the pond to shield her naked body from the glances of the stranger. A miracle seemed to have happened. The waterfall got the milky froth and it is supposedly got the name of, "Dudhsagar" henceforth. 

John Boat Tours organises Jeep Tours to facilitate tourists to visit Dudhsagar waterfall. Once at the base of Dudhsagar waterfall, John then boards the tourists into four-wheel (4X) drive vehicles. A 1 hour fun drive through rivers, springs and rocky roads brings you ultimately below the majestic Dudhsagar waterfall.