Palolem and Cola Beach

Palolem and Cola Beach

Palolem beach stretches between two magnificent headlands and the beach is lined with towering coconut palms. 

Every season bamboo-hut resorts and restaurants are erected along the beach allowing tourists to stay right on the sand, only a few meters away from a swim in the Arabian Sea. The beach huts range from very basic to somewhat luxurious, with en suite huts becoming more common every year. 

Palolem provides beautiful accommodation for all types of traveler with prices varying throughout the season; Christmas and New Year being the peak. 

Backpackers should have no problem finding somewhere to stay by just turning up and looking around, but if you are looking for something more exclusive it may be better to try and book in advance especially during December and January. Palolem is also ideal for young families as the atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and safe.

Restaurants in Palolem are varied and due to the amount of tourists, generally of a very high standard. You can get anything from local Indian delights to authentic Italian pizza and pasta, and an added bonus is that alcohol is completely legal and very accessible. (Alcohol is illegal in some Indian states). The locally produced Kingfisher beer is a favorite amongst all visitors.

Cola Beach

The Cola beach in Cancona, Goa is situated 10 km from Agonda beach and 15 km from Palolem. The beach also known as 'Khola' beach is an exceptional example of one of the many beautiful beaches along the coast of South Goa. It is one of the remote beaches of Goa that is suitable for those seeking a lovely place for complete peace and relaxation.

Also known as little Cola, this picture perfect beach of Goa has vast stretches of white sand with palm trees in the background. The beach is a perfect place for those seeking a tranquil Goa holiday experience as it is a completely unspoilt beach that offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and it is also much cleaner and quieter than the better known Goa beaches. 

As one finds the Cola beach in an almost hidden location, the exotic beauty and tranquility of the place takes your breath away! For accommodation also one can find some luxurious Rajasthani style tents in the area. Thus one can enjoy a thrilling stay in Goa at the Cola beach which will make the trip to Goa a memorable one indeed!