Jungle Book

Jungle Book

You have seen it all in the movies now come and see that it is true. 

A highly recommended action packed overnight trip, takes you along the spice route to the jungles of Goa.

After the last Guest pick up, drive for about an hour fifteen minutes to a traditional plantation which can be compared, to the Garden of Eden. The guided knowledgeable tour, will teach you how spices grow and their uses in medicine and culinary experiences. Have your lunch in traditional village style on leaves, using your fingers. 

Post Lunch; drive for about an hour, to the core of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, to meet with "Shanti". She is a tiny hamlet designed on primitive lines with vintage mud huts, which will be your temporary home. Check in and enjoy a ride on the elephant and a huge bullock cart. Thereafter mingle with the local villagers, before enjoying a spectacular Elephant show and pose for photographs with them. Freshen up and rejuvenate yourself with an optional massage at extra cost, to build an appetite for a scrumptious dinner. A short walk - a la phantom style - will lead you into the mysteries of the jungle. End the day with an entertainment packed campfire.

The tough will rise early for a walk through the dense jungle and be sprayed by the magnificent Shanti waterfalls. The walk ends with light yoga exercises, which will set your appetite for a Goan breakfast before you check out. The Elephants will then proudly display their intelligence, strength and docile nature with a grand spectacle and thereafter they will let you swim and wash them, to take back memories of a life time experience of the movie "JUNGLE BOOK".