House Boat

House Boat

This has to be the most memorable experience of your life. A Goan House Boat all to yourself to romance the Goan backwaters. Catch the traditional fishermen in their country crafts from the deck as you sip your favorite drink. Watch the butterflies frolicking or birds diving for fish. Behold the canvass of Goan village life in its rustic splendor…….The local baker on his bicycle selling freshly baked bread and cookies. Relish the sights and sounds of the village market. 

The centuries old temples and churches dot the river giving you a glimpse of history. After a marvelous day, you are just in time to catch a glimpse of the soul stirring sunset in the Arabian Sea. If you love fishing, we drop anchor in midstream and lure the fish. As night falls, the barbeque will stir up your appetite for a sumptuous Goan dinner and choicest drinks. All you need is a lullaby to lure to sleep. 

John’s Boat Tours offers a variety of house boat packages – sunrise trip, sunset trip, backwater tours, fishing trip. The most romantic option is the overnight House Boat trip, with the Heavenly ambience of a starry night, the gentle wind and the majestic river for company.

To enjoy a house boat experience, tourists have no longer to visit Kerala to live on a sailing house boat. Enterprising people like John have brought the Kerala House Boats to Goan waters. Welcome to exhilarating experience of sailing down the meandering backwaters of Goan Rivers. 

On the House Boat Tours offered and organized by Johns Boat Tours, you can Cruise down the Goan rivers in this specially hand crafted wooden houseboats made in Kerala style. Enjoy the river’s gentle wind, lush foliage and picturesque exquisiteness as you unwind and relax in the comforts of a deluxe house boat. John's house boats are powered by an outboard motor so they can cruise powerfully yet silently deep inside the mangrove covered riverside towards virgin hotspots of interior Goan countryside surrounded by evergreen Sahyadri hills of the Western Ghats. As the Goan houseboat meanders through the backwaters of Goa, watch fishermen mend their nets, as the local baker passes by on his bicycle selling his freshly baked bread and cookies. Feel the ripples in the water as the River merges with the mighty Arabian Sea. You can relax with a drink as your friends dive in the deep warm waters. 

As the house boat of Goa moves slowly, get close to birds and butterflies. See some temples and churches built centuries ago. At night Anchor midstream for a fishing session, try catching your own fish and get it cooked on the houseboat kitchen by our house boat chef and served along with your traditional Goan dinner. John's Boat Tours offers a variety of house boat packages to choose from. You can choose from sunrise trip, sunset trip, backwater tours, fishing trip using a house boat and last but not the least spending the whole starry night under the roof of the house boat.

2 Bedroom House Boat

3 Bedroom House Boat