Dolphin Trip

Dolphin Trip

Our Dolphin sighting trips have fascinated many international tourists. It is the only trip with the, "No Dolphin, No Pay" philosophy. Wade down the river to the bay. Shoot thrilling Dolphins somersaults on your camera as these gentle creatures play in gay abandon. Also get a glimpse of the country crafts, the fishing trawlers or the barges as they ferry iron ore to ocean going vessels. Behold the only Portuguese Fortress of Aguada which is intact to this day. Dream as you chance upon the Millionaire's Palace overlooking the Arabian Sea. Learn the art of fishing with Kingfishers, eagles and other birds. Finally, hit the beach for sun bathing and Barbeque. John's Boat Tours is the only dolphin spotting agency in Goa that ensures that tourists do not wind their Goa sojourn without sighting dolphins. 

Dolphin spotting is a popular activity carried out along the full 110 kms stretch of coastal Goa with a great fun and enthusiasm. Tourists living & holidaying along the beach belt of Sinquerim, Candolim, Calangute and Baga have easy access to the professional dolphin spotting services of John's Boat Tours. 

Being a Goan, born in a beach village of Candolim, living and doing business for morethan a decade, John's Boat Tours are the most professional and dedicated boat services that promises you to surely spot some wonderful dolphins at sea.

Johns Boat Tours are the only dolphin spotting agency in Goa that gives you a, "No See - No Pay" Offer. They make sure that tourists don't go disappointed without sighting any dolphins. In Goa dolphin sighting trips are mostly carried out in the early morning. Goa's scenic beauty and calm climatic atmosphere makes Goa a cool destination for this activity. Away from the coast, view Goa through the eyes of the friendly dolphins. As the boat speeds away from the sandy shores of the beach, you will see the green emerald that Goa truly is when seen far away from sea. 

Dolphins in Goa are mainly the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin, where you are often able to view these dolphins from a close distance, swimming, jumping and frolicking in the warm, deep seas of Goa. The Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin is a member of the genus Sousa. These dolphins are characterized by the conspicuous humps and elongated dorsal fins found on the back of adult members of the species. They are found close to shore along the coast of West Africa (Atlantic species/variety) and right along the coast of the Indian Ocean (including Seas of Goa) from South Africa to Australia (Indo-Pacific species/varieties). 

The Dolphin sighting trips as organised by John's boat tours are recommended by the Dolphin Watch agency of which John's boat tours are registered members. These Dolphin trips are regularly held on alternate days or as per demand. Once on board, the dolphin trip boat tours are served with chilled beer and Goan barbeque.